Elisabeth Hasselbeck learns you can't please everyone

The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30, is learning the lesson that she can’t please everyone — including children Grace Elisabeth, 2 ½, and Taylor Thomas, 7 weeks, with husband, NFL player Tim. In her latest blog entry for Dreft, Elisabeth tells of taking her kids to the park and how the outcome wasn’t as she had planned.

I took both Grace and Taylor to the park yesterday and figured I could feed Taylor as soon as we got there…and play with Grace at the same time.

Just as we approached, he starts wailing, she wants to be on a swing…so I pop her out of the stroller, pluck him out of the baby carrier, throw on my Hooter Hider (it’s a cover-up for breastfeeding — that is the best name yet!), he starts chomping away, and I grab Grace with one arm and try to insert her legs into the bucket swing.

I thought that was hard, until I tried to get her out! Without a doubt, I bit off more than I could chew…as Grace was wanting me to go down the slide (which I could not) and Taylor was wanting me to just feed him, and stop moving all around the place.

In trying to please everyone, I ended up satisfying no one. That is the hardest part about adding another into the family — making sure everyone has what they need. I guess you just do what you can.

Click here to read the full blog entry at Dreft. Elisabeth returns from her maternity leave on Monday morning’s episode of The View — she’s bringing Taylor!

Thanks to CBB reader Priscilla.

What was the hardest part for you when you added another child to the family?

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