Elisabeth Hasselbeck on pumping and returning to work

View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30, and her husband, Arizona Cardinals player Tim Hasselbeck, welcomed son Taylor Thomas on November 9th, joining big sister Grace Elisabeth, 2 ½. In her latest blog for Dreft, Elisabeth fills us in on her love-hate relationship with pumping, explaining it’s use to Grace and returning to work.

I thought I was safe in my room with the door firmly shut. It was the last day of my first week back at ‘The View.’ Truthfully, I was exhausted. It was 8 am. I had a little while before I had to be in the office. I took a moment, closed my eyes, and somehow fell asleep over the loud, obnoxious sound of the pump.

‘Mommy, what in the WORLD is THAT???’ Totally startled, I sat straight up, only to see the cute little expression on Grace’s face after she posed the question. Too tired to make something up, I told her it was a pump.

‘Why is your body in there?’ she pressed on, eyes closely examining the tube/funnel/bottle contraption. ‘So that I can give Taylor my milk when I am at work.’ ‘Ohhhhhhhh… That’s cool and funny.’ (Yeah… my sentiments exactly…) ‘Can I pump too???’ ‘One day, you can pump milk for your baby.’

And, in an oh-so-very-2-year old-moment, she firmly stated: ‘But I want to do it now!’

Since that day, Grace is unphased by the pump. I wish I were too. Imean, I am thankful to have a great one, and that there is a way to beat work and still nourish your child, and keep moms from becomingengorged to the point of high fever…but I still hate it. I do.

I feel as if I have three kids:  Grace, Taylor, and THE PUMP!

Visit Dreft for the full entry — how Elisabeth handled the situation and about her enjoyment of being back at work on the View.

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