Elisabeth Hasselbeck's failed mall mission

View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30, and her husband, Arizona Cardinals player Tim, welcomed son Taylor Thomas on November 9th, joining big sister Grace Elisabeth, 2 ½. In her blog for Dreft,she shares about a trip to the mall that she attempted to take with her 5-week-old son — one which failed miserably!

Taylor went to the doctor for a weigh-in. He is almost 10.5 pounds…so I guess my milk is sticking to his ribs. He is so much more physical than Grace was at this age…and much more loud! I decided to take him to the mall the other day, thinking I had myself together enough to do so…WRONG!

I had the map of the mall from a previous trip (before he was born) and highlighted the stores I wanted to go to, had all of my supplies, made the drive with only a few short cries on the way there, and we were off. I found a great parking spot, loaded the little fellow into my baby carrier, grabbed my wallet, and hit the ground running.

It was more like a scavenger hunt than a leisurely shop, and I was on a mission. With hands filled with items that I desperately needed to buy — Taylor begins to WAIL. I am not sure that there is a good place to ever hear your baby cry…but the Men’s Department is DEFINITELY not the best. So I began speed walking to the car…map out in front of me like a tourist, sweating like crazy, Taylor alarming everyone we passed.

We made it to the car, and I sat in the backseat nursing him for a bit, followed by a HUGE diaper. No problem: or so I thought. I am scrunched between 2 carseats, with Taylor on my lap…undo his explosive "present" only to reach for the wipes — and realize that I forgot them. Nice work mommy.

In a total MacGyver move, I whisked out a bottle of water, and pour it over an extra diaper. Well, I MISS the diaper, in a moment of haste, and spilled it all over Taylor’s belly. SUPERMOM! AHHHH. He was screaming, I was hating myself. And most moms know how much babies loooove to get a onesie pulled over their head…I thought it could not get worse.

Five minutes later, he was happy as a clam, chugging away, and I was ready to call it a day!

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Thanks to CBB reader Bella.

What’s been your worst post-baby outing?

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