Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks about how motherhood will affect her vote

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, looking amazingly fit and refreshed just nine weeks after giving birth to son Taylor Thomas, made her return to The View earlier this week. She also sat down with JuJu Chang, who herself recently welcomed a son, to talk about babies, blogging and political beliefs. Of the latter, Elisabeth says that her children are first and foremost in her mind when she enters the ballot booth.

I think motherhood constantly stirs up questions about life. You look at it differently. I’m not voting just as a single woman anymore or just for myself. I’m actually looking at how this world will be shaped so that my kids can live in a place that’s safe for them. And that is my main goal.

Although she is a fierce advocate for the Republican party, Elisabeth said she still enjoyed receiving a note from Democrat Hillary Clinton after Taylor was born, although she joked that she was hoping for a bit more.

She sent Taylor a ‘welcome to the world’ note. It was actually quite a nice gesture. I was waiting for the cash that she wants to give…I was in there looking for that!

Of blogging for Dreft.com, Elisabeth says the process has been personally rewarding and — she hopes — helpful for readers as well.

I’m hoping that moms will go there and just kind of feel maybe like they’re not alone in the process.

Being back on The View is quite a change for the 30-year-old, who says that her 2 ½-year-old daughter Grace Elisabeth has been impressed thus far with the work of the hair and makeup department at ABC. As for why new moms have difficulty changing out of their pajamas each morning, Elisabeth — who blogged about wearing PJs all day — has a theory.

Grace definitely looks at me now like, ‘Ooh Mommy, you look fancy.’ And I think it’s just because I wanted to sleep but couldn’t. And I thought wow, if I just keep the PJs on, maybe my body will feel rested.

Grace and Taylor are Elisabeth’s children with husband Tim Hasselbeck.

Source: ABC News

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