Elisabeth Hasselbeck on her birth experience with Taylor, Grace's reaction, feeding, and an unexpected gift

View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30, and her husband, Arizona Cardinals player Tim, welcomed son Taylor Thomas on November 9th, joining big sister Grace Elisabeth, 2 1/2. In her blog for Dreft, she discusses the experience and being a new mom the second time around.

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On her water breaking:

There I am out in our backyard…and my water breaks! I had not experienced that withGrace [she was induced], and was not quite sure…so I stand up, and scream to Tim andhis mom…"I think something just happened!"

[My mother-in-law] runs up to me, feelsmy pants (she is a saint!) and confirms that yes; my water indeed justbroke, and writes down the time.

On her delivery:

I will spare you further detail regarding the terrible labor that Ihad. The actual delivery was the best part, as adrenaline took over forthe pain, and being able to actually DO something about the situationfelt better to me.

One last push —  and I saw tears in Tim’s eyes as he said: (I think, unless Iwas delirious) "I think we have a Taylor Thomas here!"

Onto my chestthe baby came, and my heart immediately made more room to love anotherchild.

On Grace’s behavior towards her new brother:

Honestly, I could not have asked for a more caring,and instinctively nurturing big sister for this little boy. If hecries, she runs over and says” “It’s ok, It’s ok”…singing tohim…etc.

On nursing:

Feeding him is so different this time too. With Grace, that ispretty much all I had to do, sit and feed her. Now, as I have him onme [in the sling], I am making lunch, or playing a game with her, or walking around.Poor little guy! It is true what they say!

I think the score is eventhough, as he has already peed on me at least three times.

Tim has been amazing. His schedule with the Cardinals is tough, andphysically demanding, yet he has never been one to shy away from thisstage in the baby-game. He wishes he could do more, but unfortunatelythe "dairy queen" here is the only one making the milk!

On life savers:

It felt great to go for a walk yesterday for the first time, as Ihave been in a lot of pain, and cannot go anywhere without a donutpillow.

Tim told me about a dinner that we were invited to, and Iimmediately told him I would have to bring it! Needless to say, wethought it best to stay home!

An unexpected gift:

We have been showered with so many wonderful notes and cards, andgifts…we received an incredibly warm note fromSenator Hillary Clinton today, addressed to the little man himself,welcoming him into the world! I am sure the ladies of ‘The View’ will beexcited to hear that!

For the rest of the entry, check out the entire blog on Dreft’s website.

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