Elisabeth Hasselbeck on preparing to return to The View

ABC is preparing to welcome back Elisabeth Hasselbeck to her job as co-host of The View this coming Monday since giving birth to son Taylor Thomas on November 9th.

In preparation, ABC sat down with the 30-year-old to discuss her life since Taylor arrived, including daughter Grace Elisabeth, 2 ½, and her relationship with her new brother. Elisabeth also addresses how she felt when husband Tim Hasselbeck was transferred to the Arizona Cardinals, which caused the family to relocate within weeks of of Taylor’s birth.

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Tell us what your life has been like since you left for maternity leave.

Wonderfully crazy! I have loved being a full-time mom. The transition will be tricky, for everyone. Mostly, my days are full with games with Grace, laundry, feeding Taylor, trying to sneak in a 30-minute workout when I can and if I am lucky, sneaking in a shower.

What was it like relocating so soon before giving birth and moving back again?

At first, the thought of it was paralyzing. I decided to start making lists. Then lists became my "game book" for Arizona. Before I knew it, I at least looked organized.

Thankfully, we have a family out there that we know well, and they helped us tremendously. They even have a little girl Grace’s age. They saved us in terms of finding a doctor for me, a pediatrician, playgrounds, gymnastics classes, grocery stores and a church! Christmas morning went like this: "Thanks for the gift, let’s ship it!"

Now that you’re a second-time mom, how did this experience compare to having Grace?

You worry less about the little things with the second child. My main concern is making sure Grace still feels as loved.

Are you getting any sleep?

Define sleep.

Did you get any interesting baby gifts from politicians/celebrities? Any good Christmas gifts?

Everyone has been so generous — beginning with [Executive Producers] Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie, the ladies and everyone at The View. Today he is wearing an outfit from Kathie Lee Gifford!

How have brother and sister been getting along? What does Grace call Taylor?

She calls him "Little Buddy" and loves him so much. It is a mom’s dream come true!

You’re a very active person. Have you had time to get back in your fitness routine?

I have not gotten back into anything — namely, my jeans!

Source: The View Website

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