Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks about what makes Taylor happy


Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30, says she enjoys working out now that she’s a mom of two, because it provides a built-in break from the daily grind of work and motherhood. Instead of viewing exercise as a chore, Elisabeth — a co-host on The View — says that she views it as a "vacation."

Are you kidding? That’s the only time I get to myself. [My personal trainer] is like, you get to run six miles today. And I’m like, thank you!

Shedding the pregnancy pounds has involved "lots of hard work" and Elisabeth admits she’s been "working out like a crazy woman" to return to her pre-baby form. Big sister Grace Elisabeth, 2 ½, is quite fond of her new little brother Taylor Thomas, 3 ½-months, and — fortunately — the feeling is mutual, Elisabeth says.

They get along. The first person she wants to see in the morning is him.  I will be holding his head up and he’s looking around admiring his big sister. Hopefully one day he can return the favor of all the headbutts she’s giving him.

But it’s not only Grace that makes Taylor happy. Apparently he’s quite an easy baby to please, for Elisabeth says that he likes nothing more than to hear words that begin with the letter ‘B.’

I can’t come up with any more. I’m looking through the dictionary just to come up with new ‘B’ words. I’m like bubble, buffalo, bulldozer, bumble bee!

Source: People

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