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Updated July 21, 2009 12:30 PM

A picture is worth a thousand words, but for Elaine Cassidy, a self-proclaimed “hopeless” photographer, her August cover of Fit Pregnancy is valued at so much more.

Currently expecting her first child with her husband Stephen Lord, the actress is grateful for the unique opportunity to document her experience.

“It felt really special because it’s not just me posing,” she tells the magazine.

From the sound of things, this pregnancy is worth remembering for all the right reasons!

Feeling “amazing” other than dealing with a bout of nausea after overindulging herself with pizza, the Harper’s Island star has even felt up to light exercise in the form of daily walks.

“It’s much easier [to go for a walk] in Los Angeles, where it’s less likely to rain,” says the Ireland native.

That said, the 29-year-old has not been completely immune to all the traditional pregnancy symptoms!

In addition to her sudden cravings for all things related to dairy and meat — and her sudden aversion to healthy food — Elaine has experienced a blast from the past. “I seem to want foods from my childhood: fresh orange juice — and it has to be fresh — eggs, cheese, yogurt. And Irish breakfast, including the black and white pudding part — that’s a kind of blood pudding,” she explains.

With the scent of a candle being “too intense right now,” Elaine notes her sense of smell has increased tenfold. “It’s weird: I can smell things I never smelled before,” she muses. “The other day I woke up and could smell my neighbor’s toast and laundry.”

Click below to read about Elaine’s delivery plans — California, Ireland or England? — and how Supernanny is helping her and Stephen prepare for parenthood!

As for Stephen, the actress is confident her husband will be a “great…fun dad.” That much, she says, is made quite evident by his eagerness to finally cradle his firstborn. “He really is excited; he wants it to happen tomorrow,” Elaine shares. In the meantime, as they await the big day, the couple brush up on their parenting techniques with a few lessons from none other than Supernanny Jo Frost!

Set to welcome baby this fall, Elaine admits she has yet to finalize her delivery plans. As she weighs her options — Los Angeles, Ireland or England — the mama-to-be reveals the “unbelievable” services offered in the States may be the deciding factor. “I’ve heard the pros and cons about epidurals and gas, but since it’s my first time, I want to be flexible,” she explains. Fortunately, the choice of whether to breastfeed or not was a much easier one for the actress; If all goes according to plan, all systems are go!

Source: Fit Pregnancy; August issue

— Anya