Egba Originals: The latest craze in celebrity baby announcements

Celebrities are always looking for a way to one-up the lastparty so it’s no surprise that they are turning to Egba Originals to make theirhigh-profile events even more memorable.

Wholly unique to each client and made from the highest qualitymaterials, these invitations are 3-D blocks that serve as both announcements andkeepsakes. Each Egba starts with aprivate and confidential consultation with the client to capture their style,theme or color scheme to fashion exactly what they envision. There are alsopre-existing templates for clients consideration as well. Egbas make for alifetime memory of any event.

Though still a fairly new product, Egba Originals already boastsa pretty impressive client list. In its first week of business the WayansBrothers had Egba Originals block invites made for their DVD release party forThugaboo, a new animated children’s television series. Most recently, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and hislongtime girlfriend, Kim Porter, pregnant with twin girls, placed an order withEgba Originals for their upcoming baby shower. And Brooke Burke has expressedinterest in using Egba Originals to announce the birth of her third daughterwhom she is expecting in January.

Egbas will cost you $100 for a consultation charge for up to25 blocks or $75 for over 25 blocks and $15 per block. To find out more visit

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