By peoplestaff225
January 03, 2007 10:38 AM

Terminator 2‘s Edward Furlong, 29, and his wife, actress Rachael Bella, 22, welcomed their first child, Ethan Page, on September 21, 2006. Edward talked to People magazine about being a father.

He says he has really mellowed ("Rachel’s turned me into a mushball") and is vice-free with the exception of a 2-3 pack a day cigarette habit (though he says he’s trying to quit by his 30th for his son). He says, "It’s definitely trippy. I did a lot of stuff when I was a kid, and I’ve never seen anything as trippy as my own kid looking at me."

Edward said, "It’s so weird- I sort of feel like a teenager with a baby. The other day I got him to calm down by myself. It felt great. Awesome. It made me feel a little grown up."

Edward is extremely happy with his domesticated life. "The fact is that I’m holding him in my arms and I’m happy. I’ve still got a roof over my head and I have a beautiful wife, a beautiful son, two cars. I think I appreciate what I have even more because I almost lost everything."

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Source: People magazine, December 11, 2006 issue

Did you quit any bad habits/addictions for your kids?