Dylan Lauren Introduces Twins Cooper Blue and Kingsley Rainbow

"It was amazing. I was crying, my husband was crying," Lauren tells PEOPLE of the birth

Good things come in twos, especially babies.

On April 13, Dylan Lauren and husband Paul Arrouet became first-time parents to twins.

The couple, who used a surrogate “because it was the way we wanted to start a family,” says Lauren, were both in the delivery room when son Cooper Blue and daughter Kingsley Rainbow were born.

“It was amazing. I was crying, my husband was crying. [And] we were very nervous. I had never held a baby before,” Lauren, the founder and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar, tells PEOPLE.

“But the delivery room nurses were holding them in these weird positions — it helped me understand that they’re not going to break,” says the new mom.

Dylan Lauren twins Cooper Kingsley first photo

Now Lauren, 41, and her financier husband of four years, 44, are settling into parenthood. “We’re both excited. It’s like an instafamily!” says Lauren.

Cooper, or “Mr. Blue” as Lauren has affectionately come to call him, together with sister Kingsley are the first grandchildren in the Lauren family. “My parents spoil them,” says Lauren. “My dad [designer Ralph Lauren] loves seeing his clothes on them.”

And though time is flying and Lauren “got sad when they turned 2 months,” the candy entrepreneur is excited for the years to come.

“Bringing them to work will be fun. Dylan’s Candy Bars are perfect for kids,” notes Lauren. “My husband’s a little jealous.”

And Lauren, who is herself a fan of toy stores and zoos, can’t wait to share such experiences with her twins. “I’m looking forward to showing them things that inspire me, like Disneyland. I can’t wait,” she says.

Dylan Lauren twins Cooper Kingsley first photo

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