"I just didn't have enough hands," Dylan Dreyer joked on Tuesday's episode of the Today show, of caring for her boys after their respective procedures

By Jen Juneau
July 21, 2020 01:51 PM
Dylan Dreyer and son Oliver

Dylan Dreyer's boys are on the mend after undergoing surgeries just three days apart.

On Monday, the Today show third hour co-host opened up about how son Oliver "Ollie" George, 6 months, went in for a routine procedure Monday — three days after his big brother Calvin Bradley, 3½, got his tonsils taken out.

"We didn't intend for their surgeries to be back-to-back but because of COVID[-19], everything got rearranged," said Dreyer, 38. "Calvin got his tonsils out; he was a trooper, he's already feeling a whole lot better, and Oliver had surgery too."

"One of the hardest parts" of the ordeal, she added in her virtual conversation with co-host Sheinelle Jones, was that "while Oliver was in surgery, I had to pump."

"Because of COVID, [husband Brian Fichera] and I both couldn't go, so I'm trying to carry my pumps, my cooler bag, my diaper bag, Oliver post-surgery, trying to hold him gently — I just didn't have enough hands," Dreyer said. "It was a challenge going through it alone."

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The mother of two also chatted with Today Parents about her boys' procedures, revealing that they're "great" and doing "much better" now.

"To put both my 3½[-year-old] and 6-month-old through that was stressful, but kids are just amazing," Dreyer said. "Calvin laughed through his COVID test, and Ollie was smiling the whole time. Kids just handle things totally differently than we do."

Ollie was "getting hungry and tired, and he was grumpy, and I'm trying to console him," she added of juggling care for her baby boy while Calvin was having his procedure. "Brian is texting me trying to make sure everything's okay, but I don't have any hands to text him, so he's freaking out."

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"I just didn't have support, and it just makes everything a little bit harder," she admitted. "Bringing your kids in for surgery and watching them both go under anesthesia is so nerve-wracking. ... it just made it so much harder with all the restrictions."

Dreyer called her children's resilience "incredible," joking, "For us, if we go through something like surgery as adults, all day long I just want to be babied and pampered. … But with kids, you give them some Motrin, and they feel good!"

And she couldn't be more thankful for the healthcare pros who made her feel "safe" during her sons' surgeries. "It's just a testament to how well the hospitals are doing," Dreyer said. "I know everybody is spread so thin."