Even celebrity kids are, at times, unimpressed by their famous parents
Credit: Dylan Dryer/Twitter

Even celebrity kids are, at times, unimpressed by their famous parents.

Calvin Bradley, son of Today show meteorologist Dylan Dreyer, epitomized this idea in an Instagram video posted by his dad Brian Fichera at the end of last week. The hilarious clip showed Calvin sitting on a couch as his mom introduced a segment about miracle cleaners.

Fichera asked the toddler, “You want to watch Mommy?” and he responded, “No, no!”

When Dad asked what his son would rather watch, the answer was, naturally, Elmo.

The news correspondent joked about the funny moment the next day on Today. As Al Roker laughed, Dreyer said, “Getting beat out by Elmo! But it’s Mommy! And I didn’t get to see him all day Monday so I thought he would’ve been happy to see me on TV. But not even a little bit.”

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Dylan Dreyer, Brian Fichera and son Calvin
| Credit: Source: Dylan Dreyer/Instagram

Despite the very public burn, the mother of one still went all out for Calvin’s second birthday on Sunday. She baked him a bright-blue piñata caked covered with sprinkles on the outside and filled with candy. The frosting between each layer also changed colors.

Dreyer, 37, showed off her efforts on her Instagram account with a time-lapse video of decorating the cake and an even sweeter clip of Calvin watching Mom cut it. The look on his face as he reached for some sprinkles was pure joy.

“My first homemade birthday cake!! Took all day but totally worth it!” she captioned the post.

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When Calvin was just 6 months old, the TV personality discussed for PEOPLE’s Celeb Parents Get Real some of her biggest challenges as a new mom — namely, her struggle to make sure her baby was consuming enough nutrients.

“The first three months, Calvin was looking thin and svelte — he looked like a nice, fit little baby,” she recalled. “We go to the doctor and the doctor says, ‘You’re really not feeding him enough food.’ I was exclusively breastfeeding. And he said, ‘[Calvin]’s getting about half of what he should get in a typical day.’ ”

She continued, “And it broke my heart. I cried when he said, ‘You have to supplement with formula,’ because I felt like I’d let him down and my body couldn’t do what Calvin needed me to do.”

Dylan Dreyer, Brian Fichera and son Calvin
| Credit: Dylan Dreyer/Twitter

Dreyer also explained that “chaos is an understatement” when it comes to being a mom, but her job on Today gave her some now-much-appreciated practice in waking up before sunrise.

“Now it’s the balance of waking up for work, functioning on very little sleep and then going home and having to entertain a baby,” she said of how her routine has changed.

“But I don’t care how miserable I am because I’m just tired and I just had an off day … When I see Calvin smile, I just want to do everything to keep that smile going.”