Dylan Dreyer Shows Off Her Three Sons' New Bedroom Setup: 'This Is How You Do It In NYC'

Today's Dylan Dreyer celebrated successfully fitting her three sons — Calvin, 5, Oliver, 2, and Russell, 3 months — into one bedroom

Dylan Dreyer Instagram
Photo: Dylan Dreyer/Instagram; Inset:Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal/Getty

Dylan Dreyer is celebrating her latest win as a mom.

The 40-year-old Today co-host recently raved on Instagram that she was able to comfortably fit all three of her children into one bedroom rather than her family moving into a bigger home. Dreyer and her husband Brian Fichera live in New York City with their sons Calvin Bradley, 5, Oliver George, 2 and Russell James, whom they welcomed on Sept. 29.

The mom of three shared photos of the new setup as her boys smiled from their beds.

"'You have to move,' they said. 'You'll never fit in your apartment,' they said. 'Time for a bigger place,' they said. This is how you do it in NYC. I think they all fit just fine…for now. #nycliving #my3sons #roommates," she captioned the impressive post.

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During Today on Monday morning — her first day back from maternity leave — Dreyer said that fitting all of her boys into one room was one of the highlights from her four months on maternity leave.

"We live in New York City. We only have a two-bedroom apartment and I've successfully fit three beds into the boys' room," she explained. "So we've got Calvin in a loft bed, Ollie's underneath — still in a crib — and the other crib's against the window."

Dreyer said on the show that she's gotten a lot of comments on Instagram from people criticizing that her newborn's crib is by the window. She said many have been worried about a possible draft coming in.

She assured that her children are safe — and the window is secure — adding, "But the baby is also not sleeping in there. He's still in our room for now so he won't even go to the window until springtime."

dylan dreyer and kids
dylan dreyer/ instagram

Dreyer welcomed her baby boy Russell in September, announcing that the family's new addition came six weeks early and was staying in the neonatal intensive care unit. During a virtual appearance with her Today co-hosts in October, she gave an update on Russell, sharing that the baby was in "good hands up in the NICU" at the time.

"He's doing wonderful, he's gaining weight, he's breathing on his own, and he's doing awesome," said Dreyer. "He just was in such a rush. I thought he could at least wait until today because today officially is 34 weeks. I guess that's just a huge milestone in baby world."

Then, she and Fichera announced that they would be taking their baby home from the hospital. The Misty the Cloud author also shared adorable photos of the newborn in a graduation cap after leaving the NICU.

Since becoming a family of five, Dreyer said she's feeling full with her boys at home.

"I'm so complete. I really don't want that extra one" she added of having another baby. "I'm ready to start our family and start doing things and it's great."

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