DWTS' Cameron Mathison speaks about being a father

All My Children actor and Dancing With the Stars competitor Cameron Mathison, 38, participated in a good-will act by handing out gifts by Toys for Tots to hospitalized children and while at it, talked to OK! Magazine about being a father himself. Cameron and his wife, model Vanessa Aravelo, have son Lucas Arthur, 4 ½, and daughter Leila Emmanuelle, 17 months.

How did you get involved with Toys for Tots?

I think because I’m a dad and people know I’m always really eager to do things with kids. And Toys for Tots is such a great organization, I jumped at the opportunity.

Is it hard, as a dad, to see young children in the hospital?

It’s not easy for anyone. But I have to say they look so happy and they look so strong. I try to focus on so many incredibly positive things that are going on instead of some of the negatives. They have so many incredible qualities. They were so excited with the toys. It really puts a nice perspective on our lives.

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What’s it like being a dad?
Being a father makes everything in the world makes sense. I don’t want to sound corny, everyone tells you what it’s going to be like to have kids and you’re like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.’ And then you have kids, and in an instant nothing in the world matters except for this stranger, because this person comes into the world and in an instant all your focus and priorities becomes these kids. It gives great meaning to your life.

After five years of marriage, how do you keep the spark alive?
It’s really hard. My wife is better at it than I am. I work a lot of hours and in this business you really try to keep as busy as you possibly can. Sometimes when you really focus on kids in your free time you lose the husband and wife relationship to some degree. It’s been a real focus for us to make sure we stay focused on us two.

Now that Dancing With the Stars is over, are you still dancing?
I dance with my kids. Since I did the show, my son, Lucas, and my daughter, Leila, all they want to do is dance with me. They dance to cell phone rings. Every time they hear some sort of music, especially my daughter who’s a year and a half, just gets down with me. My son actually wants to take dancing lessons with me, which I think is sweet.

Any holiday traditions you want to keep alive with your kids?
Christmas was always a big holiday in our family. Every Christmas Eve before we’d go to bed my mom and dad would read to us two or three stories and they would always be
The Happy Prince, The Gift of the Magi and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and I would like to keep that alive.

Source: OK! Magazine

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