By peoplestaff225
Updated April 23, 2008 07:00 AM

When I travel with my toddler I’m always at a loss. If it’s a short weekend, or even a long day trip, I can never find the "right" bag. All that ended the day I found the Dwell Studio Weekender. It’s the perfect duffel bag, equal parts functional, comfortable to tote and stylish! Whether you’re traveling solo or with the kids, you’ll find this bag does the trick.

I recently used it for an all-day family outing and was so glad that I did. I was able to stuff it with blankets, snack bags and more. The lightweight, coated-canvas with leather handles never felt heavy or bulky and the optional shoulder strap helped me carry it with ease. I love the shape of this bag and it features two outer pockets, one magnetic closure and one zipper one to keep important things close to you. I absolutely love the coated-canvas, the prints are totally beautiful and the coating ensures that I need not worry about placing this bag IN or ON something.

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