November 13, 2015 02:15 PM

The Rock? More like The Teddy Bear!

In this week’s episode of Oprah’s Master Class, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson opens up about being a father to Simone, his 14-year-old daughter with ex-wife Dany Garcia.

“I realized being a father is the greatest job I have ever had and the greatest job I will ever have,” the actor says. “I always wanted to be a great dad. I always wanted to give Simone things that I felt I never got.”

Johnson, 43, recalls the first time he held Simone when she was born.

“I said to her, ‘I will always, always take care of you, for the rest of your life. You are safe,’ ” he says.


The San Andreas star, who recently revealed he is expecting a daughter with girlfriend Lauren Hashian, also shares his philosophy for navigating the tricky waters of fatherhood.

“Throughout the years, throughout the ups and downs, I’ve realized that the most important thing that I could do with my daughter is lead our life with love,” he says. “Not success, not fame, not anything else but, ‘I’m always here for you. I love you.’ “

He follows this with a story that proves how this type of leadership has resulted in an incredibly strong father-daughter bond.

“There was a time where I said, ‘Do me a favor: I want you to tell me what is the thing that you love most about our relationship,’ ” Johnson says, then has to hold back tears before moving on. “And she said, ‘Well, that I trust you.’ “

He continues, “And for a 13-year-old girl to say that to her dad, considering where I was at 13, the instability I had. She said, ‘Well, that I trust you and that we have a very special bond,’ that moved me. And so, you know, at 13, she’s saying that and I couldn’t ask for anything else.”

“I love that girl,” he says, wiping away tears.

— Andrea Park

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