Dustin Pedroia Awaiting a Baby, Reveals Wife's Premature Labor

Premature labor can be terrifying, for both parents-to-be. Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia knows that better than anybody, having missed last Monday’s game against the Oakland A’s to be by wife Kelli‘s side after she began laboring at seven months pregnant. “It seems like everything’s OK,” Dustin revealed Wednesday. “I had to be there last night, obviously. It’s been tough.” The 25-year-old 2008 American League MVP adds,

“But she’ll be all right. She’s good. She’s a lot more together than I am, I can tell you that.”

Dustin feels particularly powerless over what has transpired. Noting that baby-on-the-way is the couple’s first child, he admits that he’s “learning on the fly.” Kelli’s premature labor “kind of happened real fast,” he shared. “I’m just glad she’s OK and the baby seems to be OK so we’ll wait and see. She’s probably going to be [in the hospital] a while, but we’ll get through it.”

“They’re giving her all this medicine, they gave her some shots to help the baby out so we’re trying to keep him in there for as long as possible. He probably wants a Red Bull or something.”

Red Sox manager Terry Francona said that there was never a question of whether Dustin would play. “He needed to be with Kelli, and she needed him,” Terry said. Once it became evident that Dustin was no longer needed at the hospital, however, Kelli was the first to encourage him to rejoin his team. Joking that he always does what he’s told, Dustin revealed that after their Tuesday game against the A’s he did return to his wife’s side. “It’s good I’m small,” he noted. “I slept in some little bed [at the hospital]. Hopefully she’ll be all right.”

Source: NESN

— Missy

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