Savannah Guthrie, Drew Barrymore on Empowering Their Daughters: It's 'Where You Put the Emphasis'

Appearing on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, the two moms opened up about sending messages to their daughters that matter as they encourage them to chase their dreams

Drew Barrymore attends National Geographic Documentary Films' WE FEED PEOPLE New York Premiere; Savannah Guthrie attends the Moet & Chandon Holiday Season Celebration
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Drew Barrymore and Savannah Guthrie are opening up about how they empower their daughters.

Appearing on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast to discuss their new Netflix Jr. animated series Princess Power, the two moms spoke to host Janine Rubenstein about how they don't consider themselves to be "famous" parents.

Asked whether son Charles "Charley" Max, 6, and daughter Vale, 8, know that she's a public figure, Guthrie replied, "I don't know what my kids think."

"I feel like they think it's weird that sometimes, sometimes people say hi or wanna take a picture, but they're really not all that interested," the Today co-anchor, 51, shared.

"You know, that's a thing that's great about kids: they're pretty focused on their own thing and that is not a word we embrace, 'famous,' " Guthrie continued. "Like I don't even know what that means if they say it. Like, 'My friend at school said, you're famous.' I say, 'Well, what do you think that word means? What does that mean?'"

Barrymore, 47, agreed, adding, "I think that's part of what our connection is also, not having a distorted sense of self."

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"I think Savannah and I are both people who probably don't even relate to that word. And it's funny 'cause it's been like a ringer for me when I've heard people talk about their fame. I'm like, 'Oh, I might not relate to you.'"

"I think it's just where you put the emphasis too," Guthrie added. "I'm like, 'Let's move on from that.' There's just much more important things to do and to talk about."

Both moms said that when it comes to empowering their kids, the attitude is always, "go for it."

"We would both be in our girls, and Charley, we would both be in there saying like, 'No, you can do this. Go for it. Go after it," said Barrymore, who is mom to daughters Frankie, 8, and Olive, 10.

"My daughter Olive, her nickname is Bear and I say, 'Get that salmon bear. You get that salmon.' And [Frankie is] Mousey. And I go, 'You get that cheese mouse, you get that cheese.' I'm so encouraging and empowering to them, but we don't buy into what's not real."

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Princess Power

Guthrie said that despite her own feelings about fame, it is something that has sparked Vale's interest.

"My daughter actually loves, she wants to be an actress, she's 8. But I always say, 'Honey, talent plus hard work can't be beat.'"

"Talent alone isn't good enough. Hard work is really good, but if you have both, you can't be beat," she continued. "Just keep at it. I think you're so talented. I think you're amazing, bringing the hard work."

Barrymore added, "Sometimes when we talk about like how we've been given this, gift and opportunity to make a show for parents out there and young kids, I'm glad to know that that is the intention behind this show, total humility and, 'you can do this.'"

"Back it up with the good," echoed Guthrie.

Princess Power premieres Monday, Jan. 30 on Netflix.

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