"ONE TIP I HAVE LEARNED, place any swing set if you can in the shade," mom of two Drew Barrymore wrote, showing off her girls' play set from CedarWorks

Drew Barrymore
Credit: Drew Barrymore/Instagram

Summer just got a whole lot more awesome for Drew Barrymore‘s daughters.

On Friday, the 44-year-old actress and businesswoman showed off an impressive backyard play structure for her girls Frankie, 5, and Olive, 7 next month, that would make even the most indoorsy kid drool.

“Our magical playhouse! It has been such a joyful addition to our back yard this summer,” Barrymore captioned her Instagram photo and video series, which took her followers on a tour of the custom castle-themed wooden set.

Blue hearts, red flags and more adorned the outside of the structure, which boasted multiple slides and two blue swings right in the middle section, strategically placed under a tree. A hammock could be seen in the background, as well as a tire swing decorated in pink polka dots.

“Thank you @cedarworksplay for creating this happy castle for my girls and their friends. We are so thankful for this gift and love it so much!!!” Barrymore continued. “Endless hours of fun #playisbeautiful ONE TIP I HAVE LEARNED, place any swing set if you can in the shade. Makes for more fun!”

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Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore’s daughters’ playhouse
| Credit: Drew Barrymore/Instagram
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore’s daughters’ tire swing and slide
| Credit: Drew Barrymore/Instagram

The actress and Flower Beauty founder recently spoke to InStyle for the magazine’s 25th anniversary about how “felt the most beautiful right after the birth of [her] daughters,” and how her take on beauty is manifesting in her kids.

“[My daughters] love their bodies at this point. I think we all did at that age because we weren’t inundated with societal messages or comparisons,” she explained. “I was built to have these girls, and I have never fallen prey to the Hollywood stigma about how a woman is supposed to look. That’s the dumbest thing. I love girls and women. They rule my universe.”

Barrymore’s successful resistance in conforming to a societally mandated aesthetic standard for women doesn’t mean The Wedding Singerstar hasn’t felt the pressure for perfection in her personal life, though.

“When I had my first daughter, Olive, I was terrified all the time,” she told InStyle. “I wanted everything to be perfect. It’s the most high-wire, high-stakes, scariest, beautiful, important thing you’ll ever do. I couldn’t sleep or eat. I’ve never cared so much about anything.”

Drew Barrymore KidsCredit: Drew Barrymore/Instagram
Drew Barrymore and her daughters

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She also revealed to the magazine that she has come around to embracing the fact that her daughters might have an entertainment career in their own futures.

“When I first had my kids, I think I was so obsessed with doing everything differently with them, I almost thought that acting was some calling from the devil,” said Barrymore, who first lit up movie screens as a young girl in films from the 1980s like E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and Firestarter.

“I was thinking, ‘My daughters will never be actors!’ ” she continued. “Then I’m, like, wait, it’s a great family trade. I’m a Barrymore. My family has been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years, and multiple generations.”

“Olive knows that I would prefer she wait until she’s 18, and then it’s really her life and her decision,” the star added. “I think there’s a way to give them a normal childhood that’s totally protected, and yet feed their love of how much they love to express themselves. And when they were first born, I just didn’t know how to rationalize it. Now, I do.”