Drew Barrymore Says Her Daughters Discovered Her Movies on Their Own, Reveals Their Favorites

"I just let them discover it on their own. I don't want to force them into it," the actress says of her daughters, Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8, watching her movies

Drew Barrymore is named the 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards host
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At only 8 and 10 years old, Drew Barrymore's girls already have a stacked repertoire of classic movies under their belt — including some that feature their mom.

While speaking to PEOPLE about her partnership with OLLY, the actress, 48, shared that her daughters love to watch movies, and have even discovered some of their mom's films on their own.

"They call them 'mom movies,' and I definitely didn't force them on them. They've discovered them on their own," Barrymore tells PEOPLE of daughters Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8. "They know how to navigate iTunes, and then they would watch them, and if they really like them, as all kids do, they watch it over and over and then they move on to the next thing."

"I'm happy I just let them discover it on their own. I don't want to force them into it," she adds.

As for which "mom movies" are her daughters' favorites? "They were definitely into Ever After and 50 First Dates for a while," she shares. "Those were fun phases."

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Drew barrymore
Drew Barrymore, children Frankie and Olive. Drew barrymore/instagram

"The whole, I don't let my kids watch television was never me as a parent," she continues. "We love to watch movies. Olive has watched Everything Everywhere All At Once many times."

"They're both very cool customers," she says of her girls, whom she shares with ex Will Kopelman. "We did a lot of Sesame Street growing up, and then we kind of went to '80s movies, and I tried to show them a lot of classics. So I try to curate for them. And we do love comedies. It really depends on the day."

When they're not viewing movies on weekends, Barrymore tells PEOPLE her routine at home with her daughters is "very consistent."

"On the weekends, I try to have more of a spontaneity and free for all. But during the week it's like, come home from after-school activities, like music, dance, Hebrew school, whatever's on the menu that day, and then it's dinner, bath, bed, reading. If there's free time, cartoons and an episode of something. It's very ritualistic."

Drew Barrymore
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The daytime talk show host says she's "really into" having a rigid routine as it was "so the opposite of my own childhood."

"I love the consistency. We're all so familiar with what Monday through Thursday is, and then Friday and Saturday I'm like, well I don't know what this will be. It's also a really nice balance of, okay, we know what life is, but we also get to be surprised and playful and go to bed late, or go to see a movie or a show or travel somewhere, or just sit around."

"We have a lot of friend sleepovers," she adds. "I'm constantly in the beautiful company of several little girls, and I feel like I'm sort of living the song, 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' by Cyndi Lauper."

Still, like all parents, Barrymore admits there are some nights when the routine gets "messy."

"Some nights it's just way past their bedtime and we're all slogging and I'm running from room to room trying to get them to settle down," she says. "I feel like I should always start 30 minutes earlier than I start the wind-down routine. But I just love my time with them. It's so delicious that it's probably all my fault for making it late because I'm just too busy being happy to be with them."

Part of Barrymore's routine with her daughters includes taking supplements from OLLY, like the Kids Multi + Probiotic for her girls, and the Extra Strength Sleep for Mom.

"My kids started with them, that was my first product from them and then I was really, really into it. Before I knew it, my entire medicine cabinet was filled with OLLY," she says.

"My favorite right now is the extra sleep, it's really helping me. There are definitely nights when my mind is racing too much, or I've got a big day the next day," says Barrymore. "I used to have to take some type of sleep medication, and I'm not doing that right now with the extra sleep. It's a real game-changer."

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