DreamKuddle Pillow Giveaway

The DreamKuddle brings sleep time sanity to frazzled families! We all know how much kids love soft and cuddly things such as a stuffed animal, a blanket or even a pillow. They give our children a sense of security especially at nap or bedtime. These times can be especially hard on parents whose children think of bedtime as anything but a peaceful experience.

DreamKuddle, the original, huggable buddy pillow, is an innovative sleep and relaxation aid for children in the form of a huggable, cuddly body pillow sized for ages 2 and up. It’s cocoon shape and extra soft washable covering make children instinctively want to hug them tight and with its playful animal motif it makes it seem more like a buddy than just a pillow.

The DreamKuddle was designed to provide healthy body support and emotional comfort for children, thus inviting quality sleep and relaxation. It has proven successful in establishing a sleep routine for toddlers and is useful when sleeping away from home. It has also been very promising among children with autism and sensory integration disorders.

Together with DreamKuddle, we are giving away DreamKuddle pillows to 5 lucky Celebrity Baby Blog winners!

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