Dream Baby Safety Gates- Protect Wide (Open) Spaces

We’re finally done renovating our kitchen. Since we have an active toddler and a baby on the way, we wanted to make sure we had a good kitchen gate to keep the kids out. We needed a pressure-mounted gate because we didn’t want anything that would leave a mark on the new cabinet or the wall (we knocked down the wall that was between the kitchen and the dining room).

To make this even harder, we needed an extra-wide gate that could be extended to 54 inches. They just don’t sell that width in the huge baby stores and online. I actually could only find one company that made such a wide, extendable gate. Luckily Dream Baby, owned by Australian-based company Tee-Zed, makes an extra wide hallway gate with extensions. I had reviewed this company last month. Click here to read that review. You can also use their great gates to protect your Christmas tree or holiday displays.

To close off our kitchen, we chose the extra wide hallway gate in black (which will fit spaces from 38" to 42") with two 7" extensions. The fit was perfect. We chose the black color which matches our appliances and counter top! White is also available – but the black looks so terrific. The pressure-mounted gate and extensions were very easy for my husband to install. With this gate, you can get pick extensions from 3" ($12.99 each ), 7" ($18.99 each) or 10" ($23.99 each). This one-handed gate is very easy for adults to work (and I love that it automatically shuts behind me). Also, you can open it in both directions – so cool. I had never seen that before. A very helpful function when a toddler has planted himself in front of the gate and is trying desperately to get inside. My son has been trying to open it himself, but hasn’t been able to figure it out (yeah!). I believe it is so secure that he won’t be able to figure it out for years.

Thank you Dream Baby – you saved us from having our toddler run amok in our new kitchen!! Click here to find a Dream Baby retailer.

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