By peoplestaff225
Updated May 17, 2007 04:19 PM

CBB Reader Jamie emailed us looking for recommendations for adouble stroller for her 20 month son and newborn baby (ETA January2008). A resident of urban Chicago, she says she’s definitely acity mom who walks all of the time. She has an Mountain Buggy Urban(single) stroller but her son doesn’t like it because he can’t fully situp in it- it has a slight incline- so he is constantly pulling forwardto sit up. Her dream stroller is a twin Bugaboo but it doesn’t exist(although a Dutch company makes a knockoff double, it’s not available in the US). Her other requirement is that she be able to put a car seat on it.

With the help of Jo, from Let’s Go Strolling, we suggest a number of strollers plus tell you about some other popular models. Pictured above are two of our top picks- the new phil&ted Sport Buggy and the Valco Baby Twin Trimode.

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