Cameron Mathison and son Lucas with the Doodlebops

Cameron Mathison (Ryan, All My Children) clowned around with son Lucas at a performance of Doodlebops Live! In New York City.

Other celeb fans of the Doodlebops include Edie Falco, Matt Lauer, Billy Bob Thornton and even John Mayer (who doesn’t even have kids!). Here’s what they said:

"A sensation on Television these days, and they put on one heck of a show!"
Matt Lauer on the Today Show

"Here’s the thing, I have been on shows with like iconic people, and here I am stalking the Doodlebops!"
Billy Bob Thornton on Live with Regis & Kelly

"The Doodlebops make me want to be a daddy."
John Mayer on his blog

In case you don’t have kids, the Doodlebops are a preschoolers favorite. This colorful rock trio has been making waves ever since they began rocking in 2005. With a hit television show on Disney, an 80+ city live U.S. tour, and celebrity fans, it’s no wonder DeeDee, Moe, and Rooney Doodle are being compared to The Wiggles. Through the power of music and song, children will learn about music education, language and literary skills, pro-social messages, and physical development.

Doodlebops items, including the newly released toys from Mattel, are only available online at Ty’s Toy Box. The brand is becoming so popular that the demand for the toys, gear, and costumes (the DeeDee Doodle costume is currently sold out but this wig is still available for $16.99) is skyrocketing.

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