Isthere anything more challenging than trying to change a squirmy babywho does not want to cooperate when you’re changing their diaper? Therectangular shape of diaper changing pads just aren’t suited for allthat wiggling. On top of that, the design of the folding or rolling ofpads that have ties, buttons and Velcro can be annoying. Often, youneed to hold onto your baby with one hand and fold up the pad with theother. On top of that, sometimes when you’re leaving the house for aquick trip to the supermarket or park, you just need a few diapers,wipes, a change of clothes and a pad to make the changes on that youcan easily throw in the car, handbag or bottom of the stroller.

Together with patemm and company™,we are giving away 3 small kinaban patemm pads. The kinaban is the100% organic cotton print machine-washable patemm pads. This particularprint is the one that Gwyneth Paltrow LOVES!