Donnie Wahlberg is willing to lay down his life for his kids

Donnie Wahlberg, starring in the new TV show, "Runaway," told People magazine that he would put his children’s lives before his. The 37 year old father of two boys, Elijah, 5, and Xavier, 13, said, "The reality is, when you’re not a parent you don’t think about death, you think about whatever- life, living it to the fullest. I mean, I don’t think about death now, but I wouldn’t hesitate a second if it was a question of one of my children or me. No question. ‘I’m going! Goodbye.’ That’s what parenting does to you."

I had heard of this kind of sacrifice parents say they are willing to make, but didn’t understand it fully until Anya was born, and each day it grows stronger. Just like I feel I would do anything to protect her, these feelings of self-sacrifice are so innate and powerful. Were you surprised by these feelings when your children were born?

Source: People magazine, October 16, 2006

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