September 04, 2015 01:00 PM

When CaCee Cobb found out she was having a daughter, she didn’t immediately start dreaming of decorating a pink nursery.

In fact, Cobb wanted something completely different for Wilder Frances, whom she and husband Donald Faison welcomed in April.

“I didn’t want it to be the stereotypical pink many people envision when they think of a girl’s nursery,” she explains.

In addition to spending time scouting ideas on Pinterest, Cobb enlisted the help of interior designer, Vanessa Antonelli, who managed to bring the mom-to-be’s ideas to life.

“I really had no vision other than I didn’t want a pink room. That’s what was so great about Vanessa because she really helped me understand what my style was and what it wasn’t,” Cobb says of her second child’s sleep space.

“I chose a peachish pink and we accented with navy, mint and gold. It’s feminine in a boho chic way.”

Courtesy CaCee Cobb

With both Cobb and Antonelli pregnant, the two relied heavily on their partners to pick up the slack.

“You could tell we are both used to doing everything ourselves when it comes to manual labor, but since we were both super pregnant, we literally got to sit back, point and tell our husbands what to do,” jokes Cobb.

But although Faison was willing to help with the heavy lifting, the actor let his wife take the lead on their daughter’s nursery.

“I can’t really say that Donald gave a lot of input — but he definitely did his fair share of assembling, lifting and measuring,” says Cobb.

Christine Farah Photography

The finished product features a floral accent wall behind the crib, a mini table and chairs set for a reading station, a comfy chair and gold ottoman and several personal touches on various boards around the room.

Antonelli even added a hanging branch as a clothing rack to display a few of Wilder’s cutest outfits.

Christine Farah Photography

Not only was Antonelli “amazing and very patient” while planning the room — “Especially since I can’t make a decision to save my life when I’m pregnant,” jokes Cobb — but the designer also introduced the mom-to-be a few must-have baby products to include in the nursery.

“I literally love all of the items, but my favorite so far is the Mon Bebe recliner — I wish I had it throughout my entire pregnancy because it is so comfortable!” shares Cobb, adding that Antonelli also suggested a Nook mattress for the crib.

Christine Farah Photography

According to Antonelli, the nursery represents both Cobb and her now 4-month-old baby girl.

“I would define CaCee’s decorating style as very carefree and a little bohemian. The looks she gravitates to are effortlessly pretty, which is really how we came to the final room,” she shares.

“It fits her own personality well, too, because she is so easygoing and casual.”

— Anya Leon

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