Don Johnson and wife Kelley welcomed their third child together, son Deacon James, on April 29, 2006. Deacon’s big sibs are Atherton Grace, 6, Jasper, 4, Dakota, 17 (Don’s daughter with Melanie Griffith), and son Jesse, 23 (Don’s son with Patti D’Arbanville). Don says they chose the baby’s names because they "just liked it" and because he has a James in his family ("all the kids have family names").

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Source: OK! Magazine, October 23, 2006 issue

Even with the birth of his fifth child, Don says,

Kelley gave birth to Deacon on her and Don’s seventh anniversary- "he was our anniversary gift," said Don. Kelley said the birth was "easy and calm." Unlike Don(ald) Trump, Don changes the baby’s diapers "on occasion". Kelley says the baby sleeps through the night and that she breastfed for almost three months ("if you have two other children, it’s hard").

Kelley said Deacon’s siblings are very excited about their baby brother, "Everybody is constantly kissing him and squeezing him. They love, love, love him." Of their daughter, Don said, "Grace is very artistic and plays violin. She’s very athletic too; she dances and plays sports." Their son Jasper likes trucks and "loves soccer. He watched the World Cup. His favorite teams are Mexico and Argentina because they speak Spanish." Don says Jasper is a fluent Spanish-speaker because Don, Kelley and their nanny speak Spanish.