Dominique Moceanu and Carmen Noel in People

With the birth of daughter Carmen Noel on December 25th, new mom Dominique Moceanu tells People that she "doesn't think any Christmas can be topped now!" Although a favorite activity of the 26-year-old Olympic gold medal gymnast and her husband Michael Canales, 30, is to watch their daughter sleep — "We just stare at her. We can't believe she's ours" — they are amazed by her strength when awake. At only four weeks, Carmen started rolling from back to belly, a feat occurring in most babies after the two month mark and occasionally as late as 6 months.

D: It's pretty amazing she's so strong already. It takes two of us to hold her down to change her diaper!

M: I think she'll be a great gymnast. But if she wants to play piano, that's fine with me.

D: [But] coaching her would be the ultimate dream.

Carmen, as know as Gummy, because "when she smiles it's just a mouthful of gums" is now 10 weeks old. Dominique, who gained 41 lbs while pregnant, says she has lost half her baby weight by using a treadmill. Still, she's dealing with the bane of every new mom's existence — the flabby belly.

This pooch is hard to get rid of!

Photo by Jeff Sciortino.
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