Dominic Raiola's wife Yvonne and their kids

Detroit Lion’s starting center Dominic Raiola‘s, 29, wife Yvonne posed with their three children Taylor, 6, Dylan, 2, and Dayton, 7 weeks, for Homestyle Magazine where she talked about their new 8,000 square feet home in Northville. Yvonne explained that they were happy in their three-bedroom condominium,

But our family was growing — Taylor is 6, Dylan is 2, and Dayton, seven weeks — and we have lots of relatives visiting from Hawaii, plus my husband and his buddies are all big guys, so it made sense to get a big home. It’s not unusual for us to have 10 to 12 people staying in our home for extended periods at any given time.

Source: Detroit News

Thanks to CBB reader Jaime.

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