By peoplestaff225
Updated April 29, 2005 12:00 PM

CBB Reader Terri wrote in to ask us if we knew anything about this.

I was watching Oprah today and before a commercial break, they had a preview of a show that will air on May 9 where Oprah reveals a "deep, dark, family secret" and it showed a clip of her saying, "Stedman and I have a daughter, who has issues…" I really had a double-take with this, because with ALL the celebrity-watching that the media and the American public does, it almost seems phenomenal (especially considering that it’s Oprah) that something like this would go undiscovered.

Is this a child of Stedman’s from a previous relationship (although the child would have to be older, since he and Oprah have been together since 1986) or did they actually have/adopt a girl?? I don’t want to see like a stalker or madwoman, but I know everyone has wanted Oprah to have a child for some time, (even she will admit this!), so to hear that she actually has one I’m sure is quite shocking to many. ?

This is news to me too. I am guessing that Stedman has a daughter from his previous relationship or from a concurrent relationship while he was with Oprah (maybe that’s why they’re not married?). Alternately, the daughter could be a foster child or a relative’s daughter that they support. The thing to do is to wait until May 9!

UPDATE: The consensus is that Oprah is talking about her dog Sophie. The episode is apparently called, "The Dog Whisperer." That eliminates a human daughter. Not very nice of Oprah to tease us!