“This little dress up kit has kept my 4-year-old happy for weeks now”

By Christina Butan
October 03, 2019 10:40 AM
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Credit: Amazon

If your little one is obsessed with Disney princesses, listen up: You can shop an exclusive Disney trunk filled with Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and Aurora outfits on Amazon.

The $32 trunk was recently restocked after being sold out for the second time in a row, so if you want yours before Halloween or the holidays, you’ll want to grab it fast this time around. Perfect for any Disney fan, the 21-piece trunk features two-piece outfits (a top and skirt) based on the classic princesses, plus tons of accessories like jewelry, headbands, stickers, and tiaras. Recommended for ages three and up, the dresses fit sizes 4 to 6X, and are packaged in a keepsake trunk that can be used to store the outfits or other items. Over 1,200 shoppers have had a positive experience with the Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk, saying they were happy with it, and that it made for very cute photos.

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe, $32.34 (orig. $34.99); amazon.com

“[It’s] a trunk full (well, a large sturdy cardboard container that looks like a trunk, which will serve to store the costumes between uses) of colorful outfits for little princesses and dancers and other dashing ladies (includes some beads, earrings, and other accessories). This was a huge hit with my three great-nieces aged 3 to 8. The clothes are loose fitting so they work for a range of sizes. Everybody found several things that suited them,” one shopper wrote.

Tons of shoppers mention the trunk is a huge hit during the holidays, and that kids love every piece inside.

Another reviewer wrote, “It’s spectacular! She loved each piece so much she couldn’t decide on one to wear so she put them all on at once. That’s literally what happened. Then she pulled up each layer saying ‘I Belle, now I Cinnnerella, now I Sooo White.’ Spelling for emphasis on how she said it. (She’s 3.)”

Customers say the quality of the dresses aren’t “Disney store type costumes,” but are perfect for daily use, the price, and the smiles it brings to their kids faces. “This little dress up kit has kept [my] 4 year old happy for weeks now! She loves all of the different combinations. The materials aren’t of the highest quality, but I have zero complaints, as they are just worn for fun anyways.”

We’re not sure just how long it’ll be until the Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk inevitably sells out yet again, so it’d be smart to shop it ASAP! And just in case it does disappear, Amazon has tons of other Disney princess costumes available (including quite a few Frozen-inspired dresses), that you can check out below.

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! JerrisApparel New Cinderella Dress Princess Costume Butterfly Girl, $15.99–$25.99; amazon.com

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Buy It! JerrisApparel Snow Party Elsa Dress, $10.99–$22.99; amazon.com

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Buy It! ReliBeauty Girls Princess Dress up Aurora Costume, $14.99–$27.99; amazon.com

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Buy It! JerrisApparel Snow Party Princess Anna, $10.99–$22.99; amazon.com