September 24, 2013 11:00 AM

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Happily married to wife Cassidy and a dad to two daughters, Dierks Bentley‘s life is pretty perfect.

“I have two girls that are so awesome … I can’t imagine being any happier or wanting anything more,” the country singer tells PEOPLE at Bud Light Music First‘s 50/50/1 event.

However, his happiness will hit an all-time high when the family of four welcomes their newest addition in early October: a baby boy.

“I have no idea what to expect, but we’re really excited and looking forward to it,” he says.

Balancing out that baby bliss is a feeling of trepidation in tackling three kids, although Bentley admits he and his wife have been beat since the birth of their first daughter Evalyn Day, 5 next month.

“We already feel outnumbered — one kid outnumbers you! They have a different way of doing math,” he jokes. “Early years are tough, but it’s so fun right now.”

While he’s ecstatic to welcome a son, Bentley won’t be bonding with his boy any differently than he does with his daughters.

“I already do some boy things with the girls. They love going on the four wheeler. I got them a little Barbie jeep, which they’ll ride in together. Then a friend of mine donated his [child’s old one], so I ride in that and chase them down. I crash into them and try to run them off the driveway. I’m pretty rambunctious with them.”

“They love going camping and fishing. I do a lot of that stuff with the girls anyway so it’ll just be an extension of that with a boy. I love being outdoors so I’m just looking forward to passing that on to the girls and our son,” he shares.

But it’s not all rough and tumble for Evie and her 2½-year-old sister Jordan Catherine. If Bentley’s past history is any indication, the new addition will be equally skilled in rescuing damsels in distress.

“Sometimes they put on shows and they need a prince — got to get my prince moves down,” he says of spending downtime with his daughters. “Whatever they want — I don’t have a costume, just dancing and twirling them around.”

Until baby boy’s big arrival, Bentley and his wife have been enjoying quality time with their daughters. But with the country singer currently out on tour, family fun has included time on his tour bus —  a set up neither of his girls seem to mind!

“They don’t come out that often, it’s really just a couple times a year, but just the excitement about a bus,” Bentley says. “[They’re] so excited to be on the road and staying up late and watching the show. Everything’s cool for them so to see it through their eyes is pretty awesome.”

Two tiny addition to his tour bus aren’t the only things that have changed for Bentley, who is out on the road with Miranda Lambert for their Locked and ReLoaded tour.

“The first tour we did was back in ’06. It was fire and gasoline — great shows and then fun afterparties,” he recalls. “We still have parties — maybe not as crazy as they were back then — [but] now it’s more just about hanging out. She’s such a good friend of mine and my band and vice versa.”

A typical night for the tourmates? “Just us, the band and some crew listening to old country in the back lounge of the bus.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Katie Kauss

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