By peoplestaff225
Updated December 19, 2004 08:00 PM

[Hollywood News]: Los Angeles, Dec 17 : New mum Julia Roberts reportedly duped the world’s press about the real due date of her twins so that reporters and paparazzi would not hound her.

The "Pretty Woman" actress reportedly knew that the babies were due Dec 6, a month before she said they were expected in the new year, reported the Internet Media Database quoting a report by the Australian publication Women’s Day.

"She had fans hanging around the neighbourhood and people going through her trash (when she announced she was pregnant). Julia felt if she let everyone, including many of her friends, believe that the babies were due in January, that’s when the attention on her would be at its greatest," a friend was quoted as saying.

"She never actually lied about the due date of her twins – newspapers just assumed it was January and she let them make that assumption," she said.