At 34, Cameron Diaz knows what she likes in life… sleep. The Something About Mary actress, who has been dating pop star Justin Timberlake (from my hometown Memphis, Tenn.) for the past three years, says that she does want children someday, but for now kids aren’t on the agenda.

"I’m not at that place in my life right now – I like my sleep (too much)," Cameron says. "That’s why I don’t want a baby right now."

Last month, while promoting her movie The Holiday in L.A., Cameron told reporters that she is not ready for a family yet. "I think everybody wants at some point to have that responsibility and involvement. But not at the moment." Despite this, People Magazine poses the same baby question to her in their latest issue. Her answer to them? "Family is very important to me in every sense. I definitely hope to have that gift [children] in my life one day."

She must be tired of being asked this question – it seems to come up in every interview she does lately! Before you had kids (or if you haven’t yet/don’t plan on having any), how did you respond when people asked when you were going to get pregnant?

Source: Female First and People, January 8th, 2007.

Thanks to CBB Reader Mary Beth.