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Updated July 01, 2007 07:20 PM

If your baby is still wearing diapers, most likely you need a good diaper rash prevention product. My toddler son’s skin is very sensitive, so I am always on the lookout for a product to use every day (and a super one that will clear up the redness that occurs very often). Since I usually always use Aquaphor and Triple Paste (tubs only), I wanted to try some organic and mostly organic brands. I had no objection to Zinc Oxide – though that would render it non-organic. I just wanted mostly natural ingredients.

Here are some brands we liked:
ZenMomma: You might have read our review on ZenMomma. I loved their BabyCakes Rash Repair and Over There Ointment. I thought this was perfect for an everyday product. Ben and I were crazy about the sweet scent. The whipped texture applied easily to the delicate areas and wiped off very easily. The protective barrier was great for frequent use. It didn’t help when Ben got a rash, but it offered good daily protection. Comes in a good size jar too!! Stock up at or click here.

VedaPURE: VedaPURE is a line of amazing natural products developed by Dr. Natalie Geary. Veda is the Sanskrit word for knowledge and references the ancient writings that inspire Dr. Geary, who now practices in Manhattan. Dr. Geary even has her own website with health and wellness advice for children, We will be testing out other VedaPURE products in upcoming reviews. They have several lines, including VedaMAMA, VedaDUDE and VedaBABY. We tested out their diaper balms, the Baby Butt and the Baby Butt Plus from their VedaBABY line.

The Baby Butt: Diaper Balm ($40 for 3 oz) was everything I could have wanted in a natural cream. It was made of hypoallergenic ingredients, such as grape seed oil, meadowfoam oil (which provides cooling relief) as well as calendula and rosehip oil (to restore and calm the skin). It smelled pleasing, wiped off easily and protected the tender skin. Another great everyday cream.

The Baby Butt Plus: Diaper Rash Cream ($40 for 3 oz) was AMAZING. It had all the great ingredients as the Baby Butt Cream, plus 10% zinc oxide and cleared up Ben’s redness almost immediately. Its not organic because of the zinc oxide, but it also smelled wonderfully and wiped off easily. This is for when your baby’s bottom needs TLC. To pick up one or both or these products, go to or click here.

Pinxav: Danielle likes Pinxav – pronounced "pink salve". In October 2006, Danielle said, "Anya has suffered very little from diaper rash, but we’ve had success with Pinxav which contains 30% zinc oxide" You may find it at your favorite drug store, otherwise shop at or click here. They’ll also give you free shipping!

Mustela: Mustela’s Stelactiv ($8.50 for 2.5 oz) is for moderate to severe diaper rash. Stelactiv is part of Mustela’s Dermo-pediatrics line, and the two main ingredients are plant extracts and zinc oxide. The way it works is the combination of 3 anti-enzymatic agents which stops the occurrence of irritation and makes redness disappear. The formula also helps limit the proliferation of germs. It tested fantastically on Ben!! Even at the slightest hint of redness, it made it disappear. This is now the top cream that I reach for when Ben’s bottom gets a hint of irritation. Though, I didn’t like how goopy it was. Use it when your babe really needs some relief. For an everyday cream, Mustela recommends its Vitamin Barrier Cream ($10 for 1.9 oz). For a list of brick and mortar retailers and online retailers, click here or shop online here.

Babecology: Babecology (what a cool name!) has a divine diaper balm ($12) that is natural and healing. Their diaper balm is a nourishing formula with special antioxidants, organic essential oils and plant extracts to soothe baby’s delicate skin and provide prevention and relief of rashes and skin irritation. Another great everyday cream. Get it at or

Lotus Body Botanicals: Rashy Rump Butter by Lotus Body Botanicals is another good everyday cream – It contains grapeseed and organic olive oil, infused with calendula, chickweed, nettles, and comfrey leaf and root, beeswax, coconut oil, lavender oil, tea tree, and german chamomile. Great product and it worked nicely too. Next to the ZenMomma cream, this had the next best smell (to Ben and I). Ben also loved to hold the jar. Get it at

Thymes’s Sweetleaf Baby: Last but not least, I checked out Thymes’ Sweetleaf Baby Diaper Balm ($18 for 4.25 oz). This diaper balm is color, paraben and fragrance free, with a blend of zinc oxide, shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax. It also contains organic lavender, chamomile and aloe vera. It is mild and especially for sensitive baby skin (you can even use it on newborns). It effectively created a barrier against moisture for Ben’s skin – no redness after using. Very good for a mild, everday cream, essential for babies that need extra sensitive care. Fashion/Gear Editor Ciaren just wrote a story on Thymes’ Sweetleaf Baby and my review of some more of their products will air soon. To get some Baby Diaper Balm for your babe, got to or click here.

So, what’s your favorite diaper balm? For everyday and also severe rashes?