Diane Lane: 'You have to really know your children well'

Playing a cyber-investigator with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the new film Untraceable proved to be an eye-opening experience for actress Diane Lane, who admits she was a bit "naive" about the dangers of computer viruses. The 43-year-old mom to Eleanor, 14, says she’s acutely aware of the other dangers of the Internet, however.

As a parent, it’s kind of a challenge to deal with the entitlement factor teenagers have with the Internet.  This generation was born into it.  [They think] that they’re entitled to a private life online. I think you have to really know your children well even if they’re not children anymore in their own minds, and continue to do your best to be vigilant about their comfort zone, and their proclivities.

Eleanor is Diane’s daughter with ex-husband Christopher Lambert. She is now married to actor Josh Brolin, who has a son, Trevor, 19 and a daughter Eden, 13, with ex-wife Alice Adair.

Source: Newsday

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