Diane Keaton talks about decision to adopt


Actress Diane Keaton — turning 62 on Saturday — says that she "plunged in" to motherhood via adoption after it became clear to her that the "strong and substantive" relationship she had hoped for with a man wasn’t going to happen in time. Describing her life before daughter Dexter, 12, and son Duke, 7 as "years of selfishness," Diane says she has no regrets about the way things turned out.

I’ve had such an unusual life. Obviously career-oriented. I was happy to be a daughter well into my 40s. That was something that meant a lot to me.  I didn’t think that I was ever going to be prepared to be a mother.

Motherhood was not an urge I couldn’t resist, it was more like a thought I’d been thinking for a very long time…I wanted to be in a good relationship. Those good relationships that are strong and substantive never happened for me, and that prolonged my indecisiveness.

Now that she is a mom, Diane says she enjoys having the focus off herself and instead on her kids — telling Ladies Home Journal that "you can’t sit there and go, poor me." Known for her unique fashion sense in addition to her acting career, she says she also delights in embarrassing the kids from time to time.

I like to take them to school in my bare feet.

Source: MSNBC via Ladies Home Journal

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