Diane Farr waited to have a child, and when the time finally arrived for her and husband Seung Chung, she enjoyed her pregnancy, indulging often. The 38-year-old Numb3rs star laughed,

When it was time to give birth to son Beckett Mancuso, who just celebrated his first birthday, Diane had specific ideas about what she wanted her experience to be like. Her doula, Renee Cighiano of Gentle Beginnings Doula Services, helped her achieve her wishes.

Click below for Diane’s stroller choices, making her own baby food, having a nanny, what traits she does and doesn’t want to pass on, and loving cheap toys.

As far as baby gear, Diane has a love for strollers and toys on both the higher and lower ends of the spectrum.


As Beckett began consistently eating solid food more than nursing, Diane has found that she enjoys whipping up his meals herself.

As a working mom with a TV series, Diane preferred to have her son home with a nanny rather than in a daycare environment.

When asked what personality traits of hers she hopes Beckett will and won’t inherit, Diane replied,

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Diane and Beckett pose in a PSA for The Sierra Club’s Two Percent campaign.


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