Dennis Quaid on his kids -- Jack, T-Bone, and Z.G.


Much of the recent press around Dennis Quaid‘s children has centered on his new fraternal twins — but he won’t let anyone forget 15-year-old Jack Henry, his son with ex-wife Meg Ryan. Dennis tells USA Today and Dave Letterman that Jack is learning to drive — and that it’s somewhat scary!

In three months he’s going to be driving. I don’t care how green they’re going now, he’s going to get a Hummer — that’s his first car. At least he’ll be safe — I don’t know about anybody else!

He’s definitely going to be an actor. He’s very into girls and school plays. He’s very bonded to Daisy [True, Meg’s 3-year-old daughter]. It’s fantastic for Jack having alittle brother and sisters now. He really wanted to have a littlebrother, and I really wanted to have a little girl, so we all got whatwe wanted.

Dennis, who says he’s gotten to know Daisy ‘a little bit,’ also has a special place in his heart for Kimberly Buffington Quaid, 36, and the sacrifices she has made to be his wife.

[She had] a successful real estate career and a home in Austin, [TX]and was pulling down 200K a year. Then she moved out herewith me. Really, all she ever wanted was to be a stay-at-home mom.

She now has her chance, as twins Zoe Grace and Thomas Boone are now a happy and healthy 3 months old. However, the typical twin dilemmas Dennis has spoken about previously are still an issue for the couple.

Having two is actually like having four, because you don’t have enough arms, so we’re looking into that. There might be that circus deal where you can use your feet … and they always seem to go for the mostdangerous things in the room, anytime.

Calling the babies ‘T-Bone’ and ‘Z.G.,’ Dennis shared iPhone photos and discussed their developing personalities with both Dave and Regis and Kelly.

They just discovered each other like three days ago.It was a great epiphany for them, because up until then they didn’t really recognize anyone else. Now they know that there’s someone there, and they’re sort of eyeing each other.

She’s like a little princess, she sleepsthrough the night, she’s very patient and just takes life as it comes. And he makes every sound known to man. [laughs] It’sincredible. He’s an animal that must be satisfied immediately or there will be hell to pay! [laughs]

A health bonus has come with the birth of the twins and their ensuing medical issues — Dennis finally quit smoking.

The one thing that really came out of that for me, after a veryhorrific two weeks, is that I will never take another day for grantedin my life, because if they hadn’t made it, I never would have hadanother happy day in my life.

I figured, I want to be around when they’re 40, if I can. They stuck around for me, so I’m going to try to stick around for them.

Source: USA Today; The Huffington Post

Click the Huffington Post link to watch the Dave Letterman and Regis and Kelly appearances, and to see photos of the babies.

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