Dennis Quaid says twins, wife are 'having a blast' in NYC

Twins Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, 3-months, are doing "great" says their proud dad, actor Dennis Quaid, and the family — which includes Dennis’ wife Kimberly — are celebrating just the latest in a series of firsts for the babies. As he mentioned recently in a separate interview, the twins are now aware that they are, in fact, twins!

They just discovered each other actually.  That happens with twins, they actually don’t even acknowledge each other’s presence ’til right around this time. One of them looked at the other one last week and did a double-take; it was really startling like, ‘Who are you?

While some may be daunted by the idea of flying with twins across the country, Dennis says that he and Kimberly have been "having a blast" since arriving in New York to promote his new film Vantage Point. Having been somewhat house-bound since the twins scary medical ordeal, Dennis says he and Kimberly spent most of that time laying around in bed and making funny faces at Boone and Zoe to "see how they react." In New York, however, the family was able to take advantage of some unseasonably warm winter weather and take the babies for a walk.

Just going around with them in the stroller, it was actually the first time we’ve been able to do that.   

The twins are the first children for Dennis and Kimberly. Dennis also has a son, 15-year-old Jack Henry, with ex-wife Meg Ryan.

Source: US

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