For Dennis Quaid, life imitates art

When he began shooting the film Smart People, Dennis Quaid says that he and wife Kimberly had been trying to conceive a baby for three years without success. So when the final shots in the movie called for the 53-year-old actor to hold healthy twin babies, Dennis told audience members at the Sundance Film Festival this week that filming the scene was tough.

When I read the script a couple years ago, the end scene always got me emotionally. It made me well up.

Now, as the proud father to real-life twins Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, 11-weeks, Dennis says the scene gets him choked up on a completely different different level.

Of course having our own twins now, it really gets me verklempt.  It’s a wonderful thing. For me, it’s just life imitating art…The character came to have hope for himself but in a sense it came true for me.

The twins are the first children for Dennis and Kimberly; Dennis also has a son, Jack, 15, with ex-wife Meg Ryan.

Source: AP

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