Denise Richards drops bombshells in Sheen divorce drama

As many of you know, it is not site policy to post news of celebrity splits. However, Denise Richards’ sworndeclaration in her divorce against Charlie Sheen hit the net today, and their daughters Sam, 25 months, and Lola, 10 months, are involved. Denise filed today in an effort to stop Charlie from receiving overnight visits with his daughters – understandable if you read the document. Some of the bombshells dropped that include the children:

– Charlie asked Denise to terminate the pregnancy with Sam when they discovered they were expecting.

-When they found out they were having a daughter, Charlie was furious that the baby was a girl.

-He became verbally abusive toward Denise after she switched from nursing (for four months) to formula. Charlie told Denise that he "heard" formula could cause Sam to have brain damage or be mentally retarded.

-When Denise took Sam to receive her vaccinations, Charlie told Denise that she was a bad mother, had poisoned their daughter, and threw a chair at Denise. The next day, he called the pediatrician and threatened her on the phone, leading the pediatrician to "fire" the Sheens. (Denise has documentation of this.)

-On the way to the hospital for Denise’s Cesarean section to deliver Lola, Charlie placed bets in the car. While Denise was being wheeled into the operation, Charlie was on his pager to get the results of his betting. He then refused to stay at the hospital, or drive them home when Denise and Lola were discharged.

-On December 30th, 2005, Charlie showed up a half hour early for a planned visitation which Denise was not going to be home for – the children would be with their nanny. Since Charlie arrived early, Denise was still home. She answered the door holding Lola, with Sam playing on the floor behind her. Charlie walked towards Denise and shoved her with both hands between her shoulder blades, causing her to trip on a toy and fall to the floor with Lola in her arms. With Sam and Lola screaming and crying, Charlie allegedly told Denise, "I hope you f——g die, b—-."

-After continued verbal abuse as recently as April 12th, Denise felt compelled to file this statement today. Upon the release, she said, "I am disappointed that the situation has deteriorated to the point that it has become necessary to seek the assistance of the court. However, my primary concern is and always has been the welfare of the children and this action today was taken to ensure their safety as well as mine."

Charlie also issued his own statement, saying that Denise’s filing is "a most obvious immature and transparent smear campaign designed to hurt, embarrass and ultimately extort me." He says he will not respond to her accusations.

To read the entire 17 page sworn declaration, visit the Smoking Gun. We warn you that some of the incidents Denise describes may be offensive to readers.

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