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Updated May 11, 2007 10:10 PM

by Katherine, CBB Contributor:

Actress Denise Richards, 36, has been somewhat low-key about talking about the controversy that has been surrounding her the past year, but she recently gave an interview to OK! Magazine, where she clears up some rumors about her and how she is coping as a single mom to Sam, 3, and Lola Rose, 23 months, her children with ex-husband, Charlie Sheen.

Denise feels it’s OK for her daughters to see her sad. Sam walked in and saw me crying about my mom and she wiped my tear and gave me a kiss. Then I thought, ‘You know what? This is life. Mommy sometimes gets sad.’

On how her daughters are adapting to having two homes: I’m doing my best to let my daughters know that Mom and Dad don’t live together. They’ll probably be in therapy before they’re 5.

On her girls’ personalities: Lola looks verymuch like my mother. Sam is a combination of me and Charlie. There aretimes that she’s got little facial expressions that Charlie and I have.Lola came out laughing and giggling. She’s a little more outgoing.Sam’s a little shy at first. They’re both fun. They’re so animated andthey’re getting to be a great age.

On motherhood: I love being a mom. I have two beautiful, healthy girls. I’m really lucky.

On pastimes with the girls: My girls are so much fun. I love dressing them up. We sit by the pool and get manicures and pedicures together…we’ll go in the pool or play with the dogs in the backyard.

Dangers of experimental makeup: My girls do the worst makeup on themselves. They look like Alice Cooper!

Source: OK! Magazine, May 21, 2007 issue, pages 44-47

Click below for more, including why Denise is crying — her mom’s incurable cancer.

Denise recently found out that her mom has a renal cell cancer,which is a rare form of kidney cancer. This is why Denise decided tosell her house in Hidden Hills, CA, and has since been spotted house hunting these past few months. Mymom is being treated in L.A., so my parents are moving up here from SanDiego to live with me. I want to have a big enough house where theyhave their own space. She’s going through treatment and I want them tobe comfortable.

Denise would do anything for her mom because she helped Denise get through her own rough times. Theyhave done so much for me and my daughters. Her cancer’s incurable, butshe’s very strong. My mom’s the rock of our family. I would not havesurvived my divorce and a lot of other things without her.

On whether Sam and Lola know their Grandma is sick: They know she’s sick because she doesn’t have any hair and she can’t pick up my daughters up, but they don’t know what it is.

Looking back, Denise says she learned a lot from her marriage with Charlie. Ireally fell in love with Charlie the man, not the bad boy. I had adesire to stay married to him forever. It was just our dynamic didn’twork. I learned a lot from my marriage. I would love to be a wife andhave more kids. I still believe in marriage and I want to get marriedagain.