September 24, 2008 12:00 PM

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As a gold medalist in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, British athlete Denise Lewis has lived most of her life with complete control over her body. Now, expecting her third child — due in October — Denise admits that during the nine-month period, she has surrendered her power and has given herself "to the baby," knowing that her body is adjusting.

While the 36-year-old is taking her pregnancy is stride, she refuses to completely give up on the idea of exercising and has adapted some routines to not only help her stay in shape, but to guide her through labor. "I’m doing yoga to stay supple and help with my breathing during childbirth. I also do light cardio exercise in the gym," explains Denise. Her motivation to work out during this pregnancy stems from her lack of exercise when she was pregnant with her second child. Recently having finished the Olympics, Denise reveals that she had "no real desire to exercise" and found it difficult to hit the gym and shed the extra pounds. Luckily, after a year Denise found the motivation and "was back into a routine and I had my flat tummy back."

In addition to the new baby, Denise also has son Ryan, 2, with her husband Steve Finan. Her eldest child, Lauryn, 6, is her daughter from a previous relationship with Patrick Stevens.

Source: Fabulous

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