Demi Moore's special family

Demi Moore has constantly amazed many with the ease in which she, her husband Ashton Kutcher, and her ex-husband Bruce Willis make their family work. Demi says the key is unity.

"We spend all our holidays together," Moore told Access Hollywood, "We had an intention to keep our children as our priority in the scope of something changing, the format of our family changing. (Bruce) and Ashton have a mutual respect for one another and we approach it really as a team. We’re a team and we want the best for our children."

She says she and Bruce knew what was most important and that their three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, if they too were happy parents.

"You have to work towards getting over what might have been awkward, or uncomfortable – I want his happiness. And I think he wants my happiness," she says.

She adds that Ashton has been a hands-on team player from the being of their relationship and his willingness continues to make their family life easier.

"And you know, I have somebody who is a great father, who’s present, he’s a part of their lives," she says of Kutcher, 28. "There are a lot of people who don’t have that."

Source: People

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