Demi Moore says she's 'grateful' for girls' Idaho upbringing

As her 19-year-old daughter Rumer becomes more established in the young Hollywood scene, Demi Moore admits that letting go is "a little bit scary." Fortunately, Demi feels confident that she has laid the proper groundwork within Rumer — along with her sisters Scout, 16, and Tallulah, 13 — to keep the girls safe. Says Demi,

It’s hard to say no to curious teenagers when exciting events or things are happening. You can’t live in a bubble. A key thing, and I’ve said this before, is to try to help your children be good decision makers.

Bringing the girls back to California after spending such a large portion of their childhood in Idaho was not an easy decision, the 45-year-old actress admits, but thus far the family has no regrets.

I’m grateful for the grounding that being away from [Hollywood] gave them. As to being back, I’m still learning, too. Can I say that I’ll look back and everything was the right choice? I’m sure I won’t. But that’s part of understanding that none of us are perfect, and I’ve never been exactly in the place that I am right now.

Something that clearly was a right choice was Demi’s decision to marry actor Ashton Kutcher. According to Demi, that he would be so outnumbered by girls in his own home was never an issue for Ashton.

We’re loaded with females…I definitely can’t answer for him but I think it certainly wasn’t a difficult transition. Ashton’s relationship with his own mother is really wonderful, so it made the transition to being with a woman with daughters something he didn’t bat an eye at. It also says a lot about the confidence that he holds within himself as an individual.

Demi and Ashton have been married since 2005. Rumer, Scout and Tallulah are Demi’s children with ex-husband Bruce Willis.

Source: People via V

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