Watch 'E.T.' Actress Dee Wallace's Excited Reaction to Finding Out She's Going to Be a Grandma

Dee Wallace's only daughter is expecting her first baby, she revealed to her mom in a moment she shared on TikTok

Watch E.T. Actress Dee Wallace's Excited Reaction to Finding Out She's Going to Be a Grandma
Photo: Gabrielle Stone/TikTok, Jon Kopaloff/Getty

Dee Wallace is going to be a grandma!

The E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial actress, who played Drew Barrymore's mom in the 1982 classic, learns she's expecting her first grandbaby in a moment daughter Gabrielle Stone shared on TikTok Wednesday.

"Watch me tell America's mom that she's going to be a grandma..." the caption at the beginning of the video reads.

Wallace is holding a bread bun when Stone, 34, asks her, "Do you want to put it back in the oven?"

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"Not particularly," Wallace replies, confused.

Wallace asks, "Okay but if you did, what would it be, Mom?"

Thinking for a beat, Wallace replies, "It would be a bun in the oven."

"Yeah..." Stone replies and watches as it sinks in, with Wallace dropping the bread on the floor and erupting into what Stone describes as "overjoyed screams."

The mom and daughter hug as Wallace says, "Oh my God, she's pregnant!" spinning around.

Last spring, Wallace appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show to celebrate the film's 40th anniversary, recalling Barrymore's emotional connection to E.T., which resulted in a tearful reaction to seeing the character on his deathbed.

"Being the mother that I am with all the kids that I work with ... I went over and I said, 'Okay Drew, now we're going to go shoot the scene where E.T.'s dying, but you know he's not really dying sweetheart. He's acting, just like we are, okay?' " she said.

"And you looked at me and you said, 'I know, Dee. Do you think I'm stupid?'"

"So, I picked you up, we walked into the set. You took one look at E.T. and went (crying) 'Ah, he's dying, Dee! He's dying,' " Wallace recalled with a laugh.

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