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Updated January 09, 2005 11:25 PM

DECEMBER – 9 boys,10 girls
Finola Hughes(actress) & Russel Young – adopted son Cash Justice (no birthdate announced)
Matthew MacFadyen(actor) & Keeley Hawes (actress) – daughter Maggie (no birthdate announced)
Thandie Newton(actress) & Oliver Parker – daughter Nico (no birthdate announced)
Jenni Meno (figureskater) & Todd Sand (figure skater) – son Jack Henry on the 1st
Phil Collins(musician) & Orianne Cervey – son Mathew Thomas Clemence on the 1st
Trace Adkins(singer) & Rhonda Adkins – daughter Trinity Lee on the 3rd
Maurice Banard(actor) & Paula Smith – son Joshua James on the 5th
Charlie Brooks(actress) & Tony Truman – daughter Kiki on the 9th
Chynna Phillips(singer) & Billy Baldwin (actor) – daughter Brooke Michelle on the 9th
Jeffrey Tambor (actor) & Kasia Tambor – son Gabriel Kasper on the 10th
Emeril Lagasse (celebritychef) & Alden Lovelace – daughter Meril Lovelace on the 10th
Elaine Lordan(actress) & Peter Manuel – son James Garrett on the 13th
Liv Tyler(actress) & Royston Langdon (musician) – son Milo William on the 14th
Tim Henman (tennisplayer) & Lucy Henman – daughter Olivia on the 15th
Suzanne Shaw(singer) & Darren Day (actor) – son Corey Mackenzie on the 16th
Princess Adelaided’Orleans (royalty) & Pierre Louis Dailly – daughter Almudena Marie Sarah Beatrice Aline on the 16th
Lady Helen Taylor(royalty) & Timothy Taylor – daughter Estella on the 21st
Moon Zappa(musician) & Paul Doucette (musician) – daughter Matilda Plum on the 22nd
Rebecca Lobo(basketball player) & Steve Rushin (sports journalist) – daughter SiobhanRose on the 25th
Natasha Hamilton (singer) & Gavin Hatcher – son Harry onthe 31st